In this special series, up-and-coming model Hayley McKee reports on her Toronto Fashion Week adventures.

11:30 a.m.
At my agency What a week! I can’t believe today was the last day….I wish every week could be Fashion Week! But what better way to start the last day than with a glimpse into the next step in my career? I had a go-see with IMG NY this morning and it was so great to start thinking about travelling next year—not that I haven’t thought about it for months now! I just have to wait for Bootcamp 2 Bigtime this summer and then I can travel around the world. It’s all happening so fast—I can’t believe it! After a nice coffee outside, enjoying the beautiful day, I was off to the tents for the Joeffer Caoc show!
3:30 p.m.
At the tents I went right into hair and makeup for the Joeffer Caoc show. I did this show last season and it was so great to see how far I’ve come since then! After the show, I was rushed quickly into hair and makeup for Rad Hourani with only minutes to spare before we had to go backstage. AH!
7:30 p.m.
RAD by Rad Hourani show After a long rehearsal to perfect the finale, the show was ready to begin. It started late but when is fashion ever on time
really? The beautiful intro video ended and we were off, as each stylist ran down the line of models to perfect the symmetry of each gorgeous outfit. As I lined up, I realized that I was closing the show. I walked out towards the cameras, alone on the runway. I turned and the shadow of my silhouette was cast across the huge screen as the lights dimmed.