Toronto Fashion Week: Hayley reports from Day 4

Mar 16 2012 by
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 In this special series, up-and-coming model Hayley McKee (left) reports on her Toronto Fashion Week adventures.

10 a.m.
Magazine shoot Only one word can describe my day today: unforgettable. I met up with the
Fashion Television crew (who are filming my Toronto Fashion Week experience), and I felt ready to take on the busy day ahead with cameras following me the whole way. First, we were off to a magazine shoot which I only found out about last night! I could hardly contain myself—I was ecstatic! Who could have asked for a better surprise? But it turned out that my day was full of surprises—some good, some not so good…
12:30 p.m.
Fashion Design Council of Canada I was off to 30 Maud Street for the Travis Taddeo casting, but when I got there, the place was empty! I immediately called my agent and he told me that the location had changed. That’s the life of a model—last-minute changes and just going with the flow. Thank goodness I had
Fashion Television with me—what a crazy thing to film! Sadly, we couldn’t make the casting at the new location, so we headed over to the tents for the first show of the day.
1 p.m.
At the tents I immediately head into hair and makeup for the studio show Ashtiani. I did this show last season and I love Golnaz, the designer, so it was great to get back together again! After the show, I was chosen to go out and do press for the show wearing my beautiful dress from the collection. This is where I had my next surprise…meeting Amanda Laine! She is one of my model icons and I got to ask her for advice, while the
Fashion Television cameras rolled. It was so incredible—one of the best parts of my week! Amanda was so kind and she gave great advice: she told me to always thank the designers and to be kind to everyone because you never know who you will run into in the future. I really took that to heart.

Hayley with Amanda Laine.

6 p.m.
Rudsak show After hair and makeup for Rudsak—a beautiful hair style and intense eye makeup—I got my last surprise of the day. My mom was sitting front row at the show! It was so amazing to have her there—I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to share that experience with me. She has supported me so much and if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am. I had three looks in the show, so I felt like I was always on the runway! I was seventh to walk, so I was right beside all of the great models in the show. How cool! Once the show was over, I ran out to meet my mom and she was so pumped! She had probably been more nervous than I was! She was lucky enough to be sitting beside Ainsley Kerr, who I got to speak to on
Fashion Television, which was a huge honour. Even after writing about my day, I still can’t believe all of this happened! So surreal. A day full of surprises, but I guess it’s all a day in the life of a model! Xoxo Hayley

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