Toronto Fashion Week: Hayley reports from Day 3

Mar 15 2012 by
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In this special series, up-and-coming model Hayley McKee reports on her Toronto Fashion Week adventures.

0:45 a.m.
Joe Fresh rehearsal My busy last three weeks are beginning to catch up with me. I could barely stay awake today on the GO bus as I came into Toronto! But I got my morning coffee and was off to the tents for the Joe Fresh rehearsal. We finished rehearsal at noon—who would have thought that it would take two hours to perfect the catwalk? Only for one of the best shows in Toronto, and this one definitely is! Then it was off to the Fashion Design Council of Canada.
12:30 p.m.
Rad Hourani casting Once I got to 30 Maud Street, I was surprised with an amazing opportunity! I was chosen to get the hair and makeup done for the Rad Hourani show, to show
Fashion Television! I couldn’t believe I got the opportunity to go on
Fashion Television again for such a remarkable show! I can’t give away anything on the hair and makeup yet (stay tuned for tomorrow!), but I’ll just say the clothes are the coolest collection I’ve seen so far. Don’t miss this one!
3 p.m.
Line hair and makeup
Back at the tents for hair and makeup for the Line show. My hair was gelled into a sophisticated bun, and the makeup artist created a big rectangle of eyeliner above the eye! HOT! The clothes were a whole other story—from furs to knitted sweaters, they were perfect for cool days. I wore a leather jacket with a long fur west over top, and I think it was my favourite piece I’ve worn so far this week.

Hayley on the Line catwalk. Image courtesy of Jenna Marie Wakani.

7 p.m.
Joe Fresh hair and makeup I immediately ran right into hair and makeup for Joe Fresh after the Line show, and the craziness began! People were rushing around trying to get the gel out of my hair and rubbing my makeup off. There wasn’t a lot of time!! As the hair artist created my hair look, I fell in love with it. It was so clean and cute, such ’60s hair! I wish I could do my hair like that in the morning (don’t we all?) The makeup was equally gorgeous—so natural—and the look came together beautifully. We walked backstage, feeling anticipation from the crowd. This was the big one. As I stood in line, I stared at all the famous models who had been flown in to walk in the show, and I dreamed that I could do the same one day. I looked over at Joe Mimran, who gave me the friendliest smile, and it hit me that my dreams had already come true. I stepped out onto the runway, looked out at the cameras and flashed back to when I was younger and loved being in front of cameras. It was a crazy feeling to think that it was actually happening. My dreams are coming true—now I just have to enjoy the ride! xoxo Hayley

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