Photo courtesy of Julio Reyes.

We’re catching up with a few of our fave top Toronto fashion bloggers for their stylishly savvy take on World Mastercard Fashion Week happening this week.
Blogger extraordinaire: Julio Reyes, founder and online editor,
Most excited for: "I always love the faces that I may not see the rest of the year at fashion week; aside from some great new collections that are debuted, it’s great to catch up with old friends. And of course, checking out what everyone is wearing!"
Designer must-see: "I have to giggle when I say this, but Lucian Matis. I love what Lucian does for womenswear and he’s easy on the eyes too!"
Stylish blogging comrade: "I’d have to say
Jay Strut! Jay and I have been friends since we both started blogging and our friendship has grown into a more personal one over the years."
Fashionable fix you’d give to fashion week: "I’d like to see a solid roster of designers that showcase during fashion week. I was rather underwhelmed with the lineup this season and hope that with IMG in charge, we’ll see a variety of talented designers, instead of major corporate brands or retailers."