Top fashion personalities on what they love most about Canadian summers

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Photo courtesy of Thomas Tait.

Part of what we love most about
Canadian fashion personalities is their vastly diverse creativity and sources of inspiration to draw from, but we can’t help but note the commonality when they talk about their love for their homeland. We asked them to share what they love most about Canadian summers (which, coincidentally, happens to be our favourite time of the year).
Thomas Tait, designer "The heat. I’ve been living in London for five years now and although the heat in Montreal (my hometown) can get pretty intense, I have now started to miss it because of the incessant rain in London."
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Myriam Laroche, founder of Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver  
Myriam Laroche--9

Photo courtesy of Myriam Laroche.

"Vancouver summer = pure beauty, Wreck beach, hiking and the fact that it’s still bright at 10:30 at night. Quebec summer = fiery energy, happy hour on the patios and incredible cultural events. On either coast, summer in Canada makes people feel alive."
Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington, senior web editor, ELLE Canada  

Photo by Justin Harrington.

"My favourite thing about a Canadian summer is chilling out next to the Atlantic Ocean in Nova Scotia all day with a cold drink in hand. Nothing feels better or smells better than an ocean breeze on a hot day — and nothing is more relaxing!"
Pam Chorley, designer and owner, Fashion Crimes in Toronto  

ultra-patio-croppedPhoto courtesy of Pam Chorley.

"I adore warm, sunny weather so I am extremely appreciative when it arrives. I shoot down to Crystal Beach – white, sandy crescent beach, clear, clean water and amazing sunsets. And driving, being my next passion to sun and water; it is a marvelous, therapeutic drive only 1.5 hours door to door from Toronto, without the stress of a four-hour battle driving north to black flies in Muskoka! At the beach is pretty much the only time you’ll catch me without one of my 300 pairs of stilettos on, but of course wearing one of my 50 bikinis! The view looks like Florida. How great is that!"
Chloe and Parris Gordon, designers, Beaufille  

chloeparrisPhoto courtesy of Beaufille.

Parris: "Getting to enjoy the outdoors, especially our family cottage on the Atlantic ocean in Chester, Nova Scotia." Chloe: "Change in scenery and being outside."

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