Looper star Noah Segan at Suits hotel lobby bar in the Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto. Photo by Ava Baccari.

Noah Segan can totally judge a book by its cover—or the measure of a man by his suit. “Suiting is like armour, it has a purpose,” he says, blue eyes fixed intently. “And your suit should be representative of your purpose.” While Segan, 28, grew up with a well-suited father—complete with “Oxford shirt, J. Press, ribbon belt,” he says— he also knows how quickly styles can change, or change you. “Yesterday for the first time in my life I wore French cuffs,” he tells me over breakfast at Suits lobby bar in the  Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto the morning after the premiere of his latest film, Rian Johnson’s
Looper. The sci-fi action movie opened the
Toronto International Film Festival Thursday night. “It was a growth moment.” Just one of many, it seems, during his short stay in Toronto. “I just got my first manicure,” he proclaims, noticing me noticing his perfectly polished nails when he reaches out for a handshake as we first meet. “They’re buffed!”
You know what buffed means? “Just learned it,” he beams, when I realize I said that out loud. “I will try anything – I think that’s a good sign for a man,” he later tells me. Like taking direction from his co-star, Bruce Willis, to stand on his tippy toes as Willis throws him against the wall during a fight scene between the iconic action hero actor and Segan’s “sad version of a bad guy“-role as Kid Blue in his third collaboration with his friend, writer and director Rian Johnson (
Brick, The Brothers Bloom), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, all of whom for which the characters in
Looper were specifically written. (Kid Blue, is in fact Segan’s real-life nickname, gleaned from the 1973 western of the same title, starring Dennis Hopper – "one of my idols,” – as the eponymous outlaw.)
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