Fashionable bookworms rejoice! Grace Coddington’s long-awaited memoir is finally slated to hit bookstores this November. The tome, which Coddington sold to Random House for 1.2 million dollars, is expected to detail the flame-haired editrix’s rise through the modeling world in the 1960s until a brutal car crash made her rethink her career path. But don’t expect a salacious tell-all detailing Anna Wintour’s tyranny. “I’m 70,” Coddington says. “I’ve been in fashion 55 years. With
Vogue 20 years. I’m not telling secret stories. Not writing ugly bad things to get back at anyone. This book’s not gossipy. It’s more a record.” We can’t wait! In the meantime, curl up on a patio with a glass of vino and these other tony reads.
House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder and Survival by Deborah Ball. This story, which details
Gianni Versace’s rise through the style world until his shocking murder in Miami beach in 1997, has more juice than a tabloid. Bitter family feuds? Check. Drug addictions? You got it. Megalomania? In spades! We guarantee you won’t be able to put this one down.
Isabella Blow: A Life in Fashion by Lauren Goldstein Crowe follows the fashion maven’s tragic life. Blow famously began her fashion career in New York City as an assistant to Anna Wintour at
Vogue and has even been credited as “discovering” designers Philip Treacy and Alexander McQueen. Unfortunately
Blow was plagued with personal demons, and took her own life in 2007.
Beauty Disrupted: A Memoir by Carré Otis is a must-read for anyone interested in the
dark side of the modeling industry. Otis bravely recounts her struggles with an eating disorder and drug addiction as well as the sexual abuse she endured at the hands of Elite Models former boss Gerald Marie. Not to worry, this story has a happy ending: Otis is now happily married with two children and says that writing about her past was therapeutic.