Earlier this year, Reebok announced a series of collections with brand ambassador supermodel Gigi Hadid. The long-awaited second drop has finally arrived, and it’s even better than the last.

The collection is based on styles from the classic ’90s Reebok Bound collection, but with a fresh new twist. The retro designs are updated with modern elements (you can find trendy batwing sleeves on the track jacket) and functional additions (convertible vest, anyone?). Hadid’s childhood memories and love for the outdoors inspired the sky blue and desert khaki colour palette.

“Everything about the outdoors inspires me,” said Hadid in a statement. “The light, the colors, the energy, the complexity. My season two collection is meant to support you, work with you, work with the temperatures, with the environment.”

“Boundless to me is the feeling of nature and being able to breathe and look at the sky and feel limitless,” she adds. “When you find what makes you feel free, then you can really do anything.”

Shop the collection at reebok.ca