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Welcome back ELLE Canada readers! It’s a brand new week here in the office, and with the memories of Paris Fashion Week behind us, we’re moving on to new and exciting fashion and beauty projects. What’s in store this week? Read on to find out! Preparation for World Mastercard Fashion Week is in full swing as the ELLE Canada team gears up to give you the latest on the shows, clothes and front rows from David Pecaut Square in downtown Toronto. First off, I am so ecstatic to be attending the Philip Sparks presentation on Monday. I am in love with Sparks’ vintage designs and how his looks are often inspired by nature—a topic near and dear to my heart. With schedules, blog posts and galleries in the works, I am thrilled to be sharing the details for those of you can’t make it to the tents this year. And for those of you who can? Check out our
Toronto Fashion Week schedule with all the info you need to know for next week.

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My desk is always a pink paradise.

As promised, I need to fill you in on my addiction to hot pink and glitter. When you grow up in a small town and all of your best friends are boys- you tend to go with the flow and adopt a rather unsightly style. That’s right folks— my Giant Tiger and Wal-Mart fashion sense was kicked to the curb upon my arrival to Toronto. I may still have to shop at department stores (hey, I’m a student remember?), but with the city at my side I was free to explore my hidden princess urge to prance around in anything pink and sparkly. Yes, I have an addiction to hot pink and glitter. And no, I’m not ashamed to admit it! Let’s just say building a gallery on
pretty spring clutches—most of which were pink—was a total breeze! Next week I’m heading off to my very first fashion show at TFW. I can’t wait to tell you all about it (and maybe even see you there!).
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