The candid Erin Wasson on personal style, beauty tips & why she doesn’t follow trends

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Model Erin Wasson When Erin Wasson and I sat down at Toronto’s Ritz-Carlton hotel before her Target runway debut yesterday, it was immediately clear that Wasson isn’t your average model. Her beauty is undeniable, but it’s her no-BS disposition that is truly remarkable. She just oozes cool. She sat cross-legged, running her ring-stacked fingers through her
undone locks as we chatted. We were there to talk trends. One problem: she doesn’t follow them. Makes her that much cooler, right? So the conversation turned to her personal style, beauty regimens and jewellery (dog bones included).
What do you think of the Spring 2014 trends? "To be completely honest with you, I haven’t looked at one fashion show this season. I have absolutely no idea what went down the runway, no idea what people are buzzing about and I have no clue what’s happening in the world of fashion.  There are enough people that are 
so in the know, that it’s probably best that I’m not. When people ask me about trends it’s hard for me because that not how I operate. It’s not really how I believe the world should operate. I know who I am—I know what I like to wear and it’s not trendy. If you were to dissect my fashion ethos, it’s really basic. I’m in jeans and
cowboy boots every single day. So until a designer comes out with a bitchin’ pair of cowboy boots, I’m not following the trends!"
Where does your personal style inspiration come from? "I’m from Texas. I believe you should be a reflection of your background. I’m proud to be from Texas and I like the aesthetic of Western wear—it works with my lifestyle. I don’t like to be in heels; I like to be in comfortable shoes."
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Who is your style icon? "My style icons are a mash-up of a guy and a girl. Guys like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash wore head-to-toe black every day of his life. He was quoted as saying ‘I will wear black until they come out with something darker’. And then you got people like Patti Smith who basically wears a white button-down top and combat boots every single day. I think I’m just drawn to people who aren’t affected by the outside world and who are so voraciously sure of who they are."
Do you take the same approach to beauty? "Yeah, I think it’s a less-is-more thing. I wish I could be that girl who can rock a
red lip but for me, it’s on my teeth, it’s rubbing off, I’m re-applying. This shit is so high maintenance, I don’t know how girls do it. So for me it’s just a smudgy eye with some mascara and that’s my version of doing it up big."
And what about skin care? "I’m in the hands of facialist Terri Lawson, a homeopathic skincare guru in L.A. It’s really funny, she has blue glass bottles full of things she mixes up herself, no labels on them, I have no idea what the ingredients are, they are all extremely natural. It doesn’t matter what state of mind I’m in, I will always wash my face before I go bed."
You’re obviously really into vintage pieces. What is your ultimate vintage find? "I’m always looking for that perfect pair of Levi’s 501s. I like a good pair of beat up cowboy boots. I like them mid-calf so if I find a pair I’m in love with, I’ll take them to my cobbler to have him chop them for me."
You model, act, style, and design. Is there one avenue you’re most drawn to? "Just the creative process in general. All of those things give me a platform to share a different side of my creativeness. My jewellery line is something that is very dear to my heart. Working with metal and turning intangible, abstract ideas into reality is really exciting."
I heard that you dug up your dog’s bones to incorporate into your jewellery collection. "Indeed I did. It was the Bro collection. His name was Bro and he was with me for only a year. He was a very special dog and I wanted to do something that captured him. He was buried in the rose garden and I used mostly the bones in his feet. Pretty much the whole collection was all bones."


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