Watching the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, one thing was clear: On the red carpet, just like on the award stage, there are winners and losers (and no, I’m not talking about Chris Brown. Please don’t get me started on his unfortunate reappearance on the music scene). So let’s check out some of the most talked about looks from the biggest night in music!

The category: Wacked out fashion Nicki Minaj vs Lady Gaga What is the red carpet world coming to when a pope escort is eye-rollingly predictable? Have we gotten to the point where shock value completely outweighs style? I’m not going to bother debating the sartorial merits of Minaj’s religious-muumuu (Sure, it was custom Versace, but Nicki, I miss your leopard print! I miss your sparkle! I even miss your crazy-lady leggings!) Instead, let’s collectively gasp at the fact that Lady Gaga looked downright demure with a fishnet-face accentuated with golden staff (custom Versace, as well). The way I see it she has two moves: show up at the next red carpet escorted by Jesus riding a Buddha or rebel in the other direction by rocking mom jeans, a Northern Reflections sweatshirt and Crocs. Now that’s subversive!

Winner: Donatella Versace, based on commission alone.