Textstyles adventures at New York Fashion Week, Fall 2011: Day One

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ELLECanada goes behind the scenes of New York Fashion Week with fashion blog Textstyles.ca

Photography by Stefania Yarhi
11:30 am: Checked into the
Pod Hotel, with just enough time to drop off my bags and put a fresh coat of lipstick before rushing out to my first show.
12:00 pm: Hail a cab to get me down to
MILK Studios pronto. Five minutes into my ride and the cabbie hits a car. Find myself in the middle of a full on NYC street brawl; bail and hail another one.
12:15 pm: Aah! Find out the show I was running to get to is actually on Monday! All dressed up with no place to go, I make a frantic call to my editor to find out where I really should be…
1:00 pm: Now it’s time to go uptown for the
Loden Dager show; but wait: 556 W 58th doesn’t exist! (What is with me today?) With the invite in hand, and no smart phone to Google directions, I make friends with a random on the street who’s also lost and searching for the show. We find our way to the show seconds before it starts. Phew.
2:00 pm : Spotted,
Tommy Ton snapping pics of the male models leaving Loden Dager. Love him.

2:30 pm: After running up and down 58th, I realize I haven’t eaten yet toda. Quick stop at Vinyl Café for tomato soup, exactly what I needed.
3:00 pm: Back down to MILK for
Patrik Ervell, more menswear. Lucky me I’m seated in the front row, three seats from Kirsten Dunst! Is this a mistake? Unfortunately, yes. The PR girl comes up to me and says: "Um, there was a mix-up, you’re actually in B3." Total embarrassment ensues.
6:30 pm:
Elise Overland show down at the Standard Hotel. The presentation is happening on an outdoor skating rink. Editors are shaking in their stilettos. We’re frozen, but sipping cider, so all is not lost. The models look scared as they’re walking onto the ice oh-so-carefully. Makes me realize that a model’s job is not an easy one. Out comes America’s skating sweetheart, Johnny Weir. He adds a bit of whimsy and fun to the show. Well done.
7:00 pm: Starting to feel a bit tired, but realize this is my life for the next 5 days. Back at MILK for five presentations, that all happen to be running simultaneously. I hear the collective
oohs and
aahs as editors are going from Erin Fetherson to Pamela Love, SUNO, Billy Reid and Illesteva. I spot Anna Wintour ten inches away from me. Get the courage to ask for her pic; she smiled. Success!
8:30 pm: Now to the Grammercy Hotel for the
Bijules show. It must be cocktail hour because there is a line a mile deep for the open bar. I wait. Forever. Finally the accessories make their appearance: Male models in white tuxedos display edgy jewels, two-finger rings, tear-drop face decals and bracelets with long leather fringe.
11:00 pm: Day One is done. After-parties are but a distant dream at this point. Back to the hotel to work.

Models outside Loden Dager

Kirsten Dunst

Yay! First day highlight: A smiling Anna Wintour

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