Target brings in the stars—Blake Lively! SJP!—for its MAJOR Toronto event

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#BLAKE!!! At the launch party last night at the new Target store on the Danforth.

Well, HELLO neighbour. Last night, Target celebrated its Canadian invasion—a planned 124 stores across the country—with a Toronto launch party starring A-listers Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker. (And Mitsou! Who looks fantastic.)

Since celeb access is normally so restricted, the opportunity to take candid pics adds a crazed gleam to the eye of every editor (this one included), who turns into a paparazzo armed only with an iPhone and a Target-tini (that’s vodka and white cranberry juice).

Blake Lively took to the carpet first.

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She looked beautiful. She seemed good-natured and very sweet. ("Gorgeous figure," was the murmured consensus.) She did several TV interviews, posed for pics with the adorable Target dog, and then made her rounds through the store, stopping to admire different clothing displays. She graciously turned down a cake pop, saying "I just had the biggest poutine before I got here," with such a straight face that groups formed in her wake to discuss whether she was joking or, if not, whether the poutine represented the culinary influence of Ryan Reynolds, Blake’s Canadian husband. (Totally.) There was something about her polite, attentive manner that reminded me of Kate Middleton touring foreign lands. And that was the thing about the party last night—it was surreal in the best possible way.

Sarah Jessica Parker (looking very Carrie, no?) poses at the entrance of the event. I only saw her at the beginning of the night so this is my best shot. Our editor-in-chief, Noreen Flanagan, took a great close-up that you can see on Twitter.

There were conveyor belts of shoes and pasta, and wheelbarrows full of wine. In the power tools aisle, a group of ELLE editors enjoyed oysters that had been literally drilled open. Over in housewares, people used irons to perfect gooey grilled cheeses. Near the entrance, a gentleman used a bike to power a blender full of mango smoothies, while actress Elisha Cuthbert posed nearby. Everywhere, people were smiling and shopping, loading up their red carts with yogawear and cute poppy tank dresses that promised the arrival of spring, despite the hail outside. When I left, my cab driver asked me excitedly about the evening. "Amazing," I told him. His wife will be there when the store opens this morning. I’m going back this weekend.
For more on Target’s sartorial offerings, stay tuned for our May issue, which features an interview with Kate Young, the mega celeb stylist who created a lovely capsule collection of dresses and accessories, all under $90.


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