Summer Style 101

Jul 19 2010 by
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ELLE Canada editors weigh in on summer’s worst style offenses

By: Alannah O’Neill
“I hate when people go overboard with fake tans. Splotchy, orange tans are just so wrong and tacky! It reminds me of Snooki– unless you’re trying out for Jersey Shore, stay away from it!” -Jennifer Weatherhead, Web Editor
“I hate when people wear Uggs with shorts or miniskirts in hot weather!” -Mary Dickie, Production Editor -“A face full of foundation. It’s summer-—relax! Leave the heavy makeup for fall.” -Sarah Dolphin, Acting Beauty and Health Editor “I hate the transparent plastic brassiere straps that girls wear with tank tops. Go for a strapless bra or tank with built in support. [Plastic bra straps] are the equivalent to transparent lucite high heels, soo tacky!” -Beatriz Juarez, Art Director
“I hate it when people wear coloured underwear under white or linen clothing. Nude unmentionables are the only way to go.” -Ben MacDonald, Associate Art Director “There’s nothing worse than an exposed thong— whale tales are not okay!” -Alannah O’Neill, Associate Editor “I know I’ll probably get a lot of feedback on this, but I absolutely hate a French manicure on toes. Reason being: You have to grow the nail more than usual so the white stands out more. Imagine doing that on your toes. Honestly, not a good look.” -Lara Ceroni, Senior Web Editor “Short shorts paired with midriff-baring tops. Separately, they make for cute and summery outfits but paired together could make for a silly and unintended fashion statement. So take your pick!” -Ava Bacari, Editorial Intern

Categories: Fashion