West coast street style from Vancouver Fashion Week

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The best looks off the runway and on the street during Vancouver Fashion Week

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    © Theo van Besouw
    Street style from Vancouver Fashion Week Spring 2017

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    © Theo van Besouw
    Don't be afraid to really layer it up!

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    © Theo van Besouw
    You can't go wrong with an all black look and statement earrings.

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    © Theo van Besouw
    Wardrobe staples – Breton stripes, a cape and leather leggings. 

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    © Theo van Besouw
    There's no such thing as over-accessorizing at Fashion Week. 

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    © Theo van Besouw
    A bold suit is one way to get noticed. 

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    © Theo van Besouw
    Keep it simple with a great pair of frames and the perfect turtleneck. 

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    © Theo van Besouw
    Turn heads with a jacket that keeps the party at the back.

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    © Theo van Besouw
    Don't forget to "cool tuck" your shirt to pull off the perfect model off-duty look.

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    © Theo van Besouw
    Shearling, velvet, thigh-high boots and the new track pant – these looks are checking off all the trends.

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    © Theo van Besouw
    This look is Insta-cool thanks to the single earring.

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    © Theo van Besouw
    This outfit is proof that you can elevate any look with printed tights. 

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    © Theo van Besouw
    A cropped jacket updates a classic look.

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    © Theo van Besouw
    Turn up the volume when it comes to oversized trousers. The motto: the bigger the better.

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    © Theo van Besouw
    When in doubt, cool and casual is the way to go.

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