Must-see street style from New York Fashion Week

Feb 14 2017 by
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Even with snow, slush and wind, the sartorial show must go on.

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    © Imaxtree
    Note the non-functional mini bags (hi, Simon Miler Bonsai bag!)
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    A belted sweatshirt looks instantly elevated.
  • 3/11
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    The second-most popular topper at NYFW (after camo puffers) was is trench. 
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     ...rivalled only by shearling lined jackets.
  • 5/11
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    Forget the pinstripe suit (temporarily) and opt for a dress instead.
  • 6/11
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    NYFW falls during Valentine's Day, but red and pink have become a timeless pairing.  
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    Even if you don't have a coat this scene-stealing, adding a belt is a great trick.
  • 8/11
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    If millennial pink was an outfit...
  • 9/11
    © Imaxtree
    Adventures in OTT outerwear, part three.
  • 10/11
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    You mean you don't match your look to your fashion show invite?
  • 11/11
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    Hoodie? Check. Ripped, slouchy denim? Check. Cross body it-bag? Check. 
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