We’re hitting the streets of Toronto during LG Fashion Week, taking street style pics of the stylish set hitting the shows. Here’s our pick from day one.

Laura Graphic designer
What’s your favourite piece? My shoes. They’re Chelsea Crew. I have them in blue as well.
What shows are you seeing today? I’m seeing the Holts show and I’m really excited to see the Gagnon show.
What spring 2012 trend are you looking forward to wearing? I’m a pretty big vintage shopper so I look for anything that’s vintage inspired. I’m seeing a lot of floral patterns and I’m a huge floral fan so anything bright and floral, I’m excited to see.
What do you love about Toronto Fashion Week? I think that we have a lot of talent here especially in the midst of what’s going on in the world so we’re becoming more a part of that and really showing what Toronto has to offer and it’s such a great city especially in the fall.
Image by Savo Sok
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