Street style at |FAT|: More top looks from Arts & Fashion Week, part 2

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All photos by Brendan Adam Zwelling.

One of the most wonderful things about |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week is how it inspires people to showcase their personal style to the max. Check out some of our favourite looks from last night at the shows.
WHO: Lauren Pettigrew
OCCUPATION: Pastry chef
STYLE ICON: Early-days Elton John. I love the big blazers and the tight pants. I feel like it’s a very fearless style – androgynous, but still gendered at the same time, which is totally what I like to go for.
MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT |FAT|: It’s gotta be Von Bardonitz, the whole line. It’s all super black and edgy. I’m walking for it this year, which is really exciting. It’s like playing dress-up in the best way possible—you’d want to go out of your house.

WHO: Brett Despotovich
OCCUPATION: Head, Gallery Operations & Visitor Services – Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
STYLE ICON: My wife, Katherine Piro.
MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT |FAT|: Mainly friends that are modelling. It’s always a good event.

WHO Jet Phynx (left) & Brawdway (right)
OCCUPATION: Pop Music Artists – Typical Friday Night (performing at FAT)
STYLE ICON (Jet Phynx): Myself. I’d say Prince is a style icon. I love what he did in the 80’s and what he’s still doing today.
STYLE ICON (Brawdway): Cyndi Lauper. I love the bright hair, and girls do just wanna have fun – it’s all about playing-up with the looks, the makeup and wearing fun things. You only live once.
): Us.
MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT |FAT|: (Jet Phynx): Ourselves. That is really true.

WHO: Daniel R. Wilson
OCCUPATION: Social media/writer /sometime-DJ
STYLE ICONS: Rei Kawakubo—despite what I’m wearing—and any of the Japanese minimalists. I love that aesthetic. Frank Lloyd Wright, oddly; He designed a lot of his own clothing, which I think is really cool. When a client bought a house from him he would design the outfits for the maids, and dresses for the client’s wives. He always had these big flowing capes. And currently, Courtney Love. She wears Givenchy couture, a lot of Chanel and 1920s vintage. Her blog, What Courtney Wore Today,  is amazing. When she’s sober she dresses really well.
MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT |FAT|: Worth by David C. Wigley.

WHO: Claire Mongrain
OCCUPATION: Student/server
STYLE ICON: I try to be original and not follow anything. I’d rather start something new myself. But I do look a lot to the past for inspiration and indicators for contemporary style.
MOST EXCITED TO SEE AT |FAT|: To be honest, I don’t really know what’s coming my way, but I’m excited to find out.
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