Jason Wu did it for Target; same for
Marni with H&M. Now eleven established and upcoming designers will roll out capsule collections created exclusively for
Made in Kind, Anthropologie’s new online platform for seeking out one-of-a-kind talent. The hybrid shopping/gallery one-stop site launches today (April 5) and includes upcoming as well as some well-known
New York Fashion Week faves (yes, there’s a Gregory Parkinson capsule line in there). Here’s an intimate look at the 11 curated new and vintagey collections culled by around-the-globe designers available only at this online gallery of the best kind of
art: the kind you live in.
Drawings by Florence Balducci An artisan of all trades creative—illustration, fabric design and acting—Parisian designer Florence Balducci is naturally an Anthropologie vet. Her hand-sketched printed scarves and silhouette-engraved chinaware have been available at the fashion-forward retailer for years. Now Balducci releases a collection of vintage-inspired military jackets (approx. $300)—the kind her dad wore—only embellished with ornate floral detailing and whimsical animal sketches.
Gregory by Gregory Parkinson A British expat, Parkinson understands the colourful prints and air-light fabrics of his adopted L.A. homeland—in fact, he designed most of them. For his capsule collection created exclusively for Anthropologie (from approx. $214 to $464), he departed from the all-white, minimalist dresses that defined his Spring/Summer 2012 for a kaleidoscopic smattering of tie-dyed fabrics.

Hi There! From Karen Walker Rarely does a designer perfectly embody both of her polar style opposites: feminine and downtown edge, demure and eye-catchingly bold. Yet such is the trademark of New Zealand-based designer Karen Walker, whose collection, only available at Anthropologie, is a New York Fashion Week staple. Hi There! From Karen Walker (from approx. $140 to $160) is made up of six classic, paisley-patterned frocks with a distinct, vintage wallpapery twist.