Aimee-Song-Song-of-StylePhotography by Vincent Lions

Before I sat down with the Aimee Song, the mastermind behind the style blog
Song of Style, she had the entire room (me included) dancing to Drake’s “All Me” while she sent her BFF a Snapchat of the moment. Aimee (pronounced Awe-Mee) is an interior designer by trade but her personal style has really garnered her a name in the blogosphere. Her impressive following  –if you haven’t joined her 1.5 million Instagram followers, well you should — and numerous collabs, most recently with Canadian retailer eLuxe, has made her a true sartorial maven . She’s an LA girl through and through, even wearing a coral mini to our meeting in the midst of a cold spell (we’re in Toronto in December). She did pair it with a Moose Knuckles
parka and a killer pair of Chanel
boots (pictured above), so that counts, right? I sat down with the super stylish blogger to talk personal style,
holiday dressing, and her
“Epic” collab with eLuxe.