Snowstorm-View-from-ELLE-Canada-office “In the bleak midwinter”…. This is the scene I’ve been staring out at all day from my desk at ELLE Canada. It just won’t stop snowing here in Toronto. (Thankfully this is not the case Canada-wide. I just got off the phone with writer Buffy Cram in Victoria. She informed me that earlier today, she spotted the first cherry-blossom bloom of the season—she even offered to run out and take a picture for me. Such a sweet (and envy-enducing) gesture.) But for those of us trapped in this seemingly never-ending polar vortex, here are a few fall/winter 2013/14 runway looks that seem appropriate for right now:
Winter-runway-fall-2014 From left: Montcler Gamme Rouge, where the backdrop for the show was a replica glacier and the collection was about “a love story between a polar bear and a snowflake”; Lacoste, which featured Arctic-expedition worthy looks that would perfectly conceal any slushy spay; and Gareth Pugh, who took inspiration from the Asgarda warrior women of the Carpathian Mountains. (I’m sure they knew how to battle the snow. In a gown.) 
Images by Stay tuned for more winter looks: fall/winter 2014/15 fashion month is about to begin in New York—several members of the ELLE Canada team are are already packing their winter boots. Last February, our editor-in-chief Noreen Flanagan
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