Toronto street style photographer Savo Sok. Photo by Michelle Misun Jun of

Sure, it’s fun to admire international street style stars like Alexa Chung and Giovanna Battaglia, but what about all the exciting personal style that’s showcased on sidewalks across Canada every day? We’ve partnered with ELLE Quebec to bring you a daily hit of our top street style looks in Toronto and Montreal (to start!). Introducing "Style Snaps", which officially launches on Monday, June 4, featuring photographs from street style snappers Savo Sok and Anik Lacasse Richards. Read on for a snapshot of both photographers.


How did you first become interested in photography? As a kid, I was always really lazy with sticking to a journal so I figured, why not just take pictures?
What was your first camera? A Canon Powershot I had bought with my own money. It was built like a small brick. I was crazy about it.  You know how some guys get wallet marks on their jeans?  Mine were in the shape of a lumpy camera.
What camera do you use now? I’m still using a fairly old Nikon D80 that I bought when I first became serious about photography. Quality lenses are more important than the body anyway and when I need something with a higher resolution or video capability, rental companies are my go-to . I know a few pro photographers who don’t even own their own camera.
Who are some street style photographers that you admire? There are the obvious ones like Tommy Ton, The Sartorialist and Garance Doré. Then, you’ve got your veteran Bill Cunningham whose been doing it since before street style became a thing but if you want to go way back, Henri Cartier-Bresson was and still is king in my books.
What do you personally find inspiring about street style? Street style can be such a cool mashup of artistry, subtlety and personality. It’s a world without rules—there’s no right or wrong subject to shoot. I mean, everybody’s got their own obsession. It’s exciting for me to see a young woman interpret a head-to-toe peony print from the runway to something a bit less crazy for her regular life. But I do love the crazy.
Read on to hear Savo’s dream street style subject, and meet Anik, our Montreal street style photographer!