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Amsterdam Fashion Week

A table packed with jewellery at the Fashion Bazaar in Amsterdam. Story and all pics by associate art director Elena Viltovskaia. Amsterdam Fashion week kicks off this weekend with the Fashion Bazar located in the heart of museum area at the south end of the city under the Canopy of the Stedelijk museum.
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1_runway Runway show at Amsterdam Fashion Week. The "protesting" the sign refers to is about people wearing fur. The writing on the model’s sweatshirt says "Fur coats are worn by beautiful animals and ugly people."
1_runway2Plaid and pearls take to the runway.
1_vondelparkThe Fashion Bazaar is located near Vondelpark, the city’s largest park and the ideal place for a weekend hangout.
1_izakayaAlso nearby—Izakaya Asian Kitchen & Bar in the Sir Albert Hotel. It’s a perfect chill spot, just steps from the museum area in the trendy Pijp neighbourhood.
Amsterdam Fashion Week runs July 16 to 16.

Categories: Fashion