Most people fall into one of two camps when it comes to winter: There are those who revel in the season’s plein-air possibilities and then there are those who simply do their best to tolerate it. With its diverse lineup of well-made, climate-tested outerwear, Scandi-born brand Peak Performance is totally set on satiating the winter enthusiasts and converting the cold-weather averse. Started by two Swedish skiers in the 1980s, this mountain-bred brand’s raison d’être is getting people outside by creating pieces that make partaking in nature a true joy. Whether it’s at a gathering for a wintry solstice-timed bonfire, on the hills for a day of ski touring or in snow-blanketed woods for cross-country-skiing, people being together—and having next-level fun at the same time—remains a core inspiration for Peak Performance.

The brand’s renowned design codes are illustrated in its latest launch, the Down Hood Parka. Perfectly balancing fashion and function, this modern puffer-style coat is all about exceptional warmth and performance. Consider the strategically placed drawcords: Found at both the waist and bottom hem, they allow you to block cold air from getting close to your body and also let you cinch the middle to instantly switch up your look. And because utility never eclipses style at Peak Performance, a two-way full front zipper is hidden by a tone-on-tone placket for a clean, minimalist look. This parka also ticks off a list of requisites on the all-important sustainability front: Its shell is made from recycled fabric, and its filling is responsibly sourced down.

Top to bottom and inside and out, the everyday Down Hood Parka is finished with carefully considered details that allow you to dream big when considering your plans for the upcoming season. Thinking of going for an old-fashioned pond skate? Do it. Organizing a long and arduous hike? It’s got you. With Peak Performance, nothing—not snow, not sleet, not biting temps that you would ordinarily steer clear of—can stop you from enjoying winter to the fullest. It’s time to explore life outside.