Over the course of the pandemic, Canadians have had to adapt their daily routines in various ways and learn how to carry on from the confines of their homes. Changes to things like what we wear and how we feel about ourselves always evolve over time, but they were accelerated when the world had to quickly adapt to a “new normal.” If we’ve learned anything over the past year and a half, as we’ve swapped in sweatpants for power suits and Zoom calls for boardroom meetings, it’s that we can’t control the future. TENA—an incontinence-products brand—reminds us that what we can control is the confidence we feel and the way we choose to present ourselves to the world.

You should never feel you have to sacrifice personal style because of bladder-control issues.

Personal style is such an important part of your identity—you should never feel you have to sacrifice it because of bladder-con­trol issues. Designed to look and feel just like real underwear, TENA’s new StylishTM Black Underwear ensures that your bladder needs are covered so that you can continue to have fun with your style. Thanks to a variety of sizes and absorbency levels, you can feel free to throw on that outfit you’ve been hesitating to wear because you were worried about leaks.

Throughout the past year, we’ve seen a major rise in athlei­sure; regular sweatsuits have been elevated and are now worn for more than just doing errands or going for jogs. The summer season has also brought stylish rompers and long, flowy dresses. But whether you choose to stay in something comfy or would rather switch to a little black dress, TENA has got you covered.

Did you know that pelvic-floor issues affect one in four women at all stages of life?

This New-to-Market Underwear Is Both Stylish & Leak-Proof

The pandemic has also shown us that—now more than ever—it’s important to find ways to stay energized. Whether that means daring to dress up, being active or trying a new activity, TENA provides women with the best bladder pro­tection possible. Every pair of underwear supports freedom of movement, so you never again have to worry about not being able to wear certain things or engage in certain activities. The next time your girlfriends ask you to go for a hike, you’ll be prepared with triple protection against bladder leaks, odour and wetness. Take the guessing game out of bladder control and feel good about it too.

Did you know that pelvic-floor issues affect one in four women at all stages of life? Because bladder-leakage issues are not specific to a particular age demographic, the underwear—which features cottony-soft form-fitting fabric—is made for women of all ages. Getting dressed with the new StylishTM line from TENA will help those who struggle with this very common issue feel supported and comfortable, alleviating some of that worry every day. Just like underwear but with protection by TENA, this sleek new line will help you feel confident and at ease so you can take control of your day-to-day life. You deserve it.