I’m a big fan of KOTN, the ethical basics brand that supports Egyptian cotton farms in the Nile River Delta. In fact, as I write this, I’m wearing their classic crew tee—a shirt so soft and perfectly boxy, I’d buy it in bulk, like their primarily male customer base already does. And my cubicle neighbour has asked whether I own shares in the direct-to-consumer company based on how often I Slack her a link to their website (I do not). Today, the company is launching a dedicated women’s line that goes beyond T-shirts (though there are some of those too). The 16-piece collection includes cropped sweatshirts, long-sleeve scoop-neck tops and loose knit pants in hues like aqua green, deep blue and smoky grey. KOTN calls these the “perfect versions” of the pieces we all have—or seek. Scroll through my favourite pieces below, you might just become a fellow convert.