Being a bona fide city dweller means adhering to some urban-specific style codes. Top of the list? Prioritizing chic pieces that keep up with your places-to-go-and-people-to-see lifestyle.

This best-of-both-worlds approach is a constant source of inspiration for SOREL, the beloved brand that designs year-round fashion-meets-function footwear. Rooted in obsessive design and all-weather function, SOREL’s latest collection is a reflection of that city spirit we all thrive on: boundary-pushing culture, always fresh energy and a sense of constant movement. The result? Sleek silhouettes, daringly bold colours and high-traction boots (even heels!).

To debut SOREL’s fall/winter collection, we turned to ELLE Insider Hodan Yousuf, who took to the city streets in two styles from the brand’s hotly anticipated BrexTM collection: a military boot with a statement-making sole that’s made for daytime and a cozy faux-shearling-adorned pair with a chunky heel that’s primed to take you places at night.

Day Look

What about the SOREL BrexTM Boot Cozy Lace makes it an ideal style starting point for your everyday look?

“In my day-to-day wardrobe, I tend to gravitate toward neutral boots—they always pull together whatever look I’m trying to achieve. The SOREL BrexTM Boot Cozy Lace is perfect: There’s a splash of subtle colour, unexpected faux shearling and those extra few centimetres of height it brings.”

What are your must-have style essentials for your on-the-go lifestyle?

“I tend to stick to a uniform and usually have three items on rotation: a good blazer, a leather jacket and stylish footwear. I find myself reaching for these BrexTM boots consistently.”

How do the functional elements of these boots help you confidently take to the pavement this season?

“In Toronto, the winter streets can be brutal. There are a few elements I look for in prospective boots: how they look aesthetically, that they are waterproof, how good the grip is on the sole and how comfortable they are. The SOREL BrexTM Boots are perfect because they’re both functional and stylish.”


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Night look

What kind of elements from city life do you reinterpret in your night look?

“I am heavily influenced by the worker’s uniform. Building a strong silhouette with a good pair of boots helps with the transition from a day look to a night look.”

How does this look represent you and your style POV?

“My main goal with my style is to have a look that’s bold and eye-catching; I like to play around with different shapes and silhouettes while making a statement. The added bonus is a touch of faux shearling that brings a cozy feel and cool design perspective.”

From a styling perspective, why are you drawn to the SOREL BrexTM Heel Cozy Lace Bootie for this look?

“These boots bring the storytelling to my styling. When the goal is to create a striking look, what is more striking than adding height to your outfit?”


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Ready to bring BrexTM to your city streets? Shop the whole collection here.


Price: $230



Price: $250