When it comes to your matrimonial big day, there’s one pairing (besides your and your beloved’s, of course!) that’ll last a lifetime. We’re talking about your engagement ring and wedding band. This twinkly twosome have an invaluable job: They have to feel special, timeless and, most importantly, just right for you.

It’s this design ethos that’s embodied by fine-jewellery brand Michael Hill. The Australian-based jeweller is built on a rich heritage, starting with the founder’s own love story. After meeting in a jewellery shop in 1964, Hill and now wife Christine went on to open their first namesake boutique 15 years later. Their creative synergy, imbued with real-life romance and passion, has made the Michael Hill brand what it is today.

It’s fitting, then, that Michael Hill is home to some of the most luxe and timeless engagement and wedding rings – particularly within its four premium Bridal Collections. Its bridal offerings are comprised of four stunning collections, each with its own distinct take on lifelong love-centred jewellery. First, there’s the Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal Collection, which features intricately detailed and unique designs. Expect the highest level of quality, craftsmanship and beauty.

The Fenix Created Diamonds for Michael Hill Collection makes use of laboratory-grown diamonds that come Certified Sustainability Rated and climate-neutral. It offers everything you love about the gem—brilliant, lustrous and absolutely exquisite—but with stones that live up to your values.

Those who are devotees of the famous four Cs—cut, clarity, colour and carat, if you need a refresher—should consider the Southern Star Collection. Its focus is on the all-important “cut” element, with each stone boasting 65 facets for exceptional sparkle. The Southern Star diamond cut is created exclusively for Michael Hill, and the centre stones for each ring are hand-set in the brand’s Australian workshop.

Finally, there’s the Solitaire by Michael Hill Collection, a classic line that celebrates the iconic single stone. With these pieces, it’s all about highlighting the pure beauty of a solitaire: the masterly crafted band and light-catching prong settings let the diamond make its most stunning impact. The truth is, no matter how you take your sparkle, Michael Hill has you and your love covered.

Michael Hill