My first look at vintage clothes came courtesy of the best-dressed girl in my high school, let’s call her Eloise, who wore black pleated midi skirts, granny pearls and little brown lace-up boots to class. So I got into vintage too and for the remaining three years of our shared high school existence we engaged in a silent (but almost certainly acknowledged) rivalry.

From my very first pre-owned purchase (a pair of neo-Victorian lace-up boots just like Molly Ringwald’s in Pretty in Pink), I was hooked. Luckily, I live in a city with lots amazing vintage stores, carrying a wondrous selection at every price point, from ’50s prom dresses to ’90s Danier suede goodness. 

Still, I love shopping for vintage in other cities and seeing how the selection changes from coast to coast, continent to continent. Like Tokyo’s love of Americana, denim and cowboy wear, or Vienna’s appreciation for British and French labels from the ’60s and ’70s.

Garmentory, an e-commerce platform that stocks unique finds from independent boutiques all over North America, is hosting a vintage pop-up shop this month. The founder, Vancouver-born Adele Tetangco, is a vintage lover too, and the selection comes from her own favourite shops like New York’s DUO and Where I Was From, Blacksheep Vintage in St. Louis and Nonna in Los Angeles.



Woven pullover from DUO NYC. 

Like the stores themselves, the mix is varied: ’70s Jessica McClintock ruffled blouses, ripped denim and oversized coats are on offer. Oh, and this goes without saying: everything is a one-off, and there’s a certain thrill to knowing you’ll be the only one with a hand-painted satin bomber. Your move, Eloise. 



Japanese hunting jacket from Where I Was From.

The vintage pop-up is on until October 30th at