Allbirds, maker of what many deem to be the world’s most comfortable shoe, is expanding into the apparel category. The B Corp, known for its use of sustainable (and very, very cozy) merino wool, launched an edited collection of socks, underwear and bras earlier this year, but this announcement marks the company’s official entry into women and men’s clothing.

The Allbirds apparel line launches with four items – a T-shirt, cardigan, sweater and puffer jacket – each labelled with its respective carbon footprint, part of the New Zealand-American brand’s mission to pursue a net zero carbon future. “There is an urgent need to reduce our global carbon number,” said Tim Brown, co-CEO of Allbirds, in May when announcing a partnership with Adidas to create the lowest carbon footprint ever recorded for a sport performance shoe. “Whether we realize it or not this is a race that we are all running together as a planet.”

While the pull-over sweater and cardigan are made from the incredibly soft merino wool Allbirds fans know and love, the T-shirt is made from a new Allbirds-exclusive material, TrinoXO, a proprietary mix of wool and sustainably sourced discarded crab shells. Chitosan, a sugar derived from these shells, has anti-odour qualities (read: your shirt will stay fresher for longer, so you don’t have wash it as frequently). Traditionally, clothes that offer these antimicrobial properties use extractive minerals like zinc and/or silver, which pollute the planet when they are mined.

Get your first look at the Allbirds apparel collection below.

Allbirds Wool Jumper

Allbirds Wool Jumper ($185), at

Allbirds TrinoXO Tee

Allbirds TrinoXO Tee in Forest ($65), at

Allbirds TrinoXO Tee

Allbirds TrinoXO Tee in Orchid ($65), at

Allbirds Trino Puffer

Allbirds Trino Puffer in Natural White ($340), at

Allbirds Wool Cardigan

Allbirds Wool Cardigan ($200), at


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