It’s the thrill of the unexpected that makes the J.W. Anderson collection for Uniqlo, out this month, so exciting. The London designer brought his signature quirk to the Japanese basics brand, and the resulting 33-piece collection is a celebration of tartan, bold hues and standout details. We got to try on the collection before it hit stores. Here’s how we styled some of the key pieces in the line. 

Elaine Jyll Regio, market editor 


Elaine is wearing the  lambswool jacquered crew neck sweater ($39.90) and padded tote ($39.99). Image by: Danielle Campbell

I’m putting away my graphic tees and subbing them for graphic sweaters. This style is a no-brainer. Also, the tote is perfect for trying out the puffer trend without having to invest in a jacket. What’s great about the collab is that a lot pieces transition nicely into anyone’s wardrobe. I made sure to wear my leather culottes that day to make the look feel like me. Leather is a staple for me because it’s so versatile. It can ground a look and add just the right amount of edge.

Liz Guber, associate fashion editor



Liz is wearing the PJ trench coat ($199) and denim work pants ($49.90). Image by: Danielle Campbell

I’m always experimenting with new (aka weird) denim styles, so I wanted to take this wide-leg pair for a spin. The wash is intriguing—it’s darker and more green toned than the vintage-wash styles I’m seeing everywhere. Buyer beware: these are ‘fashion’ jeans, which means they will not make your butt look amazing, but their trouser-style fit makes them an interesting option for the office.  And the trench is a classic, but incorporates some memorable details, like the contrasting tartan cuffs. I think it’s the piece in the collab with the most longevity. 


Kiera Spronk, fashion editorial assistant



Kiera is wearing the quilted skirt ($59.90). Image by: Danielle Campbell

I thought this skirt really commanded attention. It’s a feminine piece but the colour and material make it look more severe. This collab is not particularly my style, but I could definitely see myself working some of the items into my wardrobe with the right styling. I like to feel feminine but cool – I thought the deconstructed white shirt gave the skirt some edge. The cat-eye sunglasses and block heels are favourites of mine that brought it all together for me, and in the end I really loved this look.