Punk rock fashion is back, and it is taking over by storm. The culture has essentially come back with its studs, spikes, and grungy leather jackets. With the resurgence of its musical counterparts also on the rise, it’s no wonder why this trend may be here to stay. It isn’t only popular amongst Millennials and Generation Z, but it’s also popped up on major runways and recent red-carpet events.

According to sustainably driven resale platform Poshmark, as Canada’s own Avril Lavigne returned to the music scene, the popularity of her androgynous style made its way back too. Referencing Poshmark’s latest stats, combat boot orders are up by 37 percent. Orders for laced-up boots, by 26 percent, and mini skirts by 29 percent.

Kelsey Dech is a Poshmark seller and punk fashion expert. We chatted with her to see what some of her tips and tricks were to incorporate an edgier look into everyday style. If you’re interested in trying out a spunkier look but don’t necessarily have specific items in your closet to do so, Dech says to start small.

“You don’t have to overdo it. I personally love little accented accessories. Time and time again, I go back to wearing my favourite vintage band tee, pairing them with biker shorts, and my Doc Martens,” says Dech.

She adds that the punk rock scene is back due to celebrity influence and the return to a slow sense of normalcy after the pandemic lockdowns.

“I think people just want to express themselves and experiment with fashion again. There are so many ways you can incorporate the punk rock trend with a leather jacket, like the one I found on Poshmark, fishnet details, or even just like a really cool belt,” said Dech.

Whether you’re a newbie to punk rock fashion or someone who’s got a collection of combat boots in their closet, you can’t deny the amount of style a good mini skirt or laced-up boots will do to a look. Here are more brands that aren’t only green friendly but can also amp up any outfit to punk rock standards.