Since 2005, Valérie Messika has been disrupting jewellery conventions and pushing style boundaries with her brand Messika, a favourite among celebrities. Under her expert guidance, diamond jewellery has been reinvented, evolving with each of her creations, which feel both timeless and of the moment, and accompanying modern women throughout their daily lives.

Exploring the Many Facets of Diamonds

For the designer, who is the daughter of renowned diamond merchant André Messika, the gemstone holds no secrets. It is the starting point of all of her collections and a constant source of inspiration, along with fashion, haute couture and the history of jewellery—an art form whose rules Valérie Messika takes pleasure in defying and rewriting. With each creation, she expresses her unique vision and uses her bold expertise and exceptional creativity to liberate and modernize the diamond, helping distance it from its traditional label. Within her sleek and unique designs, the precious stone transforms into an everyday fashion accessory, introducing an undeniable element of brilliance to every outfit.


The origin of Messika’s success? The Move collection, the brand’s iconic signature ever since its launch in 2007 and a true feat in terms of technical innovation. Starting from the principle that a diamond is never more beautiful than when it’s in motion, Valérie Messika decided to free the gemstone from its shackles. This concept sparked the creation of iconic jewelry items adorned with three dynamic diamonds, gracefully mirroring the body’s motions in a magnetic, fluid ballet. Ever since, the brand has been using these agile gemstones in its creations, which are worn as a second skin and pay homage to feminine elegance by favouring sensory contact, flowy shapes and movement.

Messika is at the cutting edge of jewellery and a favourite among celebrities on the red carpet, namely Kendall Jenner—the face of the brand’s 2023 campaign—Beyoncé, Rihanna, Angela Bassett, Gigi Hadid and Toni Garrn. Plus, Kate Moss collaborated with Valérie Messika on a high-jewellery collection that was shown during Paris Fashion Week for spring/summer 2021. Needless to say, that show was exceptional—truly a worthy reflection of the brand.


Move Link White Gold Diamond Ring, MESSIKA

Messika Paris - Bague Move Link 12728 W

Price: $6,060 


Move Noa Pavé Rose Gold Diamond Bangle, MESSIKA

Messika Paris - Bangle Move Noa Full PV 12722 W

Price: $24,930 


Earrings So Move, MESSIKA

Messika Paris - BO Pendantes PV So Move XL 13123 Y

Coming soon.

Move Uno Flex diamond bracelet, MESSIKA

Price: $3,170