How can we make a meaningful impact in our communities? ALDO Shoes thinks that creating a better world starts with the confidence to step into what we believe in ­­– something it calls “stepping into love.” In this series, we tap cool, boundary-pushing women for their takes on finding the courage to create real change.

For beauty and style influencer Jill Lansky, real authenticity comes with personal conviction. True leaders, she says, are those who have risen to positions of power by their own sheer will. “They seem to be fuelled, not hindered, by people telling them ‘You can’t do that,’” she adds. Here, Jill talks about the importance of being our most unapologetic selves and making positivity a priority as we enact purposeful change in the world.

Where do you find inspiration to cultivate your personal style?

“I get inspiration from people who are effortless with their style and wholly comfortable with who they are. This process takes time and experimentation. I don’t believe that style is something you just discover once and lock in forever – it’s always evolving.”

When do you feel most confident?

“It took me a few years to realize that some days are sweatpants days and others are power suit and heels days. Both are important – you can’t have one without the other – but I feel most confident when I’m comfortable.”

What motivates you to step into love and take action in the world?

“When you do something with love, it’s not taxing. Love is like caffeine or adrenalin – it makes the task of taking action in the world almost instinctual. We all have those projects that we don’t love doing, whether at work or in everyday life. But once you find a project or a cause that you care deeply about, it grips you and doesn’t let go.”

How do love and positivity drive your every move?

“Positivity is a priority and often a choice. It took me a while to realize that we all have a ‘positivity muscle.’ It doesn’t necessarily come naturally to me, but the more you use that muscle, the easier it becomes.”

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