Iconic summertime activities better done solo (and in head-to-toe Gucci).

Summer is all about blissful long days, laidback luxuries, celebrating the simple pleasures in life, and, usually, spending unfiltered time with friends and family. While the latter is nice, it can also become overwhelming during a season where freedom is the ultimate goal.

Frankly, spending too much together time isn’t always dreamy. This summer, we’re reclaiming our off-duty time and requesting a solo trip. Indulge in all of the classic mainstays—like leisurely reading or basking in the sun—but do it all by your lonesome.



Summer’s the ideal season for daydreaming, a pastime that literally requires no one else.

Set off on a gorgeous day without a destination in mind and see where your feet take you. A wide expanse of sand makes for the perfect track. Just don’t forget the necessary accessories. A wide-brim hat will keep rays at bay, and an oversized tote has extra space should you find a stash of perfectly formed seashells.

Shop smart: The above bag and hat, and all other styles seen in this story with green trim, are only available on gucci.com.

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“Required reading” may have been dirty words during a childhood summer, but that’s not the case now.

The unrelenting pace of adult life means that carving out time to do nothing but dive into a good book is luxury personified. Pack your bag with a buzzy new hardcover or pick up a much-loved paperback. No matter what strikes your fancy, find a quiet spot and lose yourself.

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Dining al fresco


Good food’s a year-round pleasure, but meals experienced during summer somehow feel more magical.

Sit outside and enjoy fresh fruit and perfectly mixed drinks. Achievable anywhere, the ideal would be in a wide-open area free of any distractions but the sun and sky. Small talk can be tiresome when all you want to do is indulge in sensory delights. Skip it entirely by booking for one.

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Lounging poolside


Few things feel more classically summer than relaxing by a pool.

The beauty of the pristine aqua surface can be marred by overcrowding or seriously splashy children, meaning the most peaceful way to experience it is as an audience of one.

Do laps without worrying about a traffic jam, or give into the youthful appeal of a canon-ball without a care about who’s watching. Actually getting wet not your thing? Make the most of an empty pool deck by letting yourself get mesmerized by the placid water.


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Styled by: Rachel Pincus; Hair: Brian Buenaventura; Makeup: Tracy Alfajora; Prop Stylist: Juliet Jernigan

Photographed at the Catalina Beach Club; Furniture provided by Brown Jordan