The best last-minute fashion and beauty gifts

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Forget to pick up your Secret Santa present? We have you covered.

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    Best last-minute gifts: Candle

    Watch the carousel spin once the candle is lit.

    Diptyque Carousel Set ($150), at


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    Best last-minute gifts: Mug

    A morning cuppa seems way more fancy when drunk from a gold mug.

    Porcelain mug ($15) at

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    Best last-minute gift: Vodka

    You can never go wrong with a bottle or two.

    Belvedere Vodka ($49), at liquor stores across Canada.

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    Best last-minute gifts: Champagne

    See above.

    Moët & Chandon Golden Sparkle Festive Bottle ($67), at liquor stores across Canada.

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    Best last-minute gifts: Blanket

    Just add a fireplace and wine.

    Merino Wool Blanket ($350), at

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    Best last-minute gifts: Hair tool

    This lifesaver both curls and straightens hair.

    Conair Metà e Metà (Half & Half) Curl Secret ($150), at

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    Best last-minute gifts: Puzzle

    There goes the weekend.

    1,000-Piece “Banff” Jigsaw puzzle ($19.95) at

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    Best last-minute gifts: Candy

    Worry about the dentist in January.

    Dylan’s Candy Bars ($30 for a pack of 10), at

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    Best last-minute gift: Perfume

    Looks as good as it smells.

    Michael Kors Sexy Ruby Eau de Parfum Spray ($110 for 50 mL), at

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    Best last-minute gift: Winter jacket

    So chic and so practical.

    Jacket, Joe Fresh ($39), at

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    Best last-minute gifts: Mobile charger

    We see unlimited selfies in your future.

    Mobile charger ($43), at

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    Best last-minute gifts: Body wash

    © Glossier

    Best get a set for yourself too.

    Glossier Body Hero ($44), at

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