The most fashionable gifts for Mother’s Day

May 08 2018 by
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Your ELLE-approved gift guide to getting your loving mom every stylish thing she could ever want. 

  • 1/21
    Because she's a cool mom, not a regular mom.

    AG Jeans denim jumpsuit ($228 USD).
  • 2/21
    It's a satin take on the classic slip-on, and the mauve colour isn't predictably pink. 

    Vans muted metallic slip-ons ($80).
  • 3/21
    This designer crafts her jewellery in Montreal.

    Be Full-Blown mother-of-pearl and sterling-silver bracelet at Beblue ($90).
  • 4/21
    Because your mom would never buy it for herself.

    Coach suede and leather bucket bag ($295).
  • 5/21
    For the active moms.

    Lole down and polyester vest at Hudson's Bay ($100).
  • 6/21
    Can't go wrong with Birks' new petal collection, which is delicate, minimal and feminine. 

    Birks 18-karat yellow gold bracelet ($475).
  • 7/21
    For upcoming cottage weekends. 

    Roots polyester baseball cap ($26). 
  • 8/21
    For really active moms.

    RYU polyester and spandex capri leggings ($80).
  • 9/21
    A luxe replacement for the glasses she lost last summer. 

    Max Mara metal sunglasses ($360).
  • 10/21
    Not just for dads! 

    Stance cotton socks ($19.02).
  • 11/21
    Believe the hype, this wool runners from the buzzy San Francisco brand are ridiculously comfortable. 

    Allbirds wool runners ($135).
  • 12/21
    For the mom who has everything.

    Ann Taylor silk scarf ($53.66).
  • 13/21
    A gift you'll want to borrow. 

    RW & Co. viscose maxi dress ($109.90).
  • 14/21
    You'll get her a diamond necklace next year!

    Swarovski metal and crystal choker ($169).
  • 15/21
    Practical, yet fun.

    Poppy & Peonies vegan leather bag ($110). 
  • 16/21
    Also practical yet fun.

    Michael Kors leather slides ($168). 
  • 17/21
    A playful update for a classic wardrobe.

    Ever New metallic and fabric tassel earrings ($19.99).
  • 18/21
    A literal representation of how much you love her.

    Marc Cain leather bag ($120).
  • 19/21
    If you're the type to get mom a new charm every year. 

    Pandora sterling silver and rose gold dangle charm ($75).
  • 20/21
    M is for mom, but maybe go with a letter for her actual name. 

    Carbon & Hyde 14-karat rose gold birth stone ring ($1,955 USD).
  • 21/21
    If you got her a Gucci belt last year.

    Louis Vuitton reversible belt ($630).
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