Nina Kharey had just one message at the launch of her label Nonie’s spring-summer 2020 collection during New York Fashion Week: “Love gives freedom.”

Those were the words printed on the designer’s t-shirt, which she created to support Telus’ #EndBullying campaign across the country. The initiative offers digital literacy workshops and cyberbullying resources for students, parents and teachers. As well, the proceeds from the t-shirt will go to the company’s Friendly Future Foundation, an independent charity which helps fund local, grassroots education and technology programs in Canadian communities. Since its inception in 2018, they’ve contributed over $8 million to youth-based charities and supported over 500 grants.

Kharey explained her inspiration for the project, citing her personal experience with bullying. “I chose to live with love rather than resentment and hate for what bullying did to me and my family. I lost someone I love, my older brother, through hate and violence. Rather than letting this anger consume me and potentially hurt others around me, I chose to lead with love and trust life, so I can live in happiness and bring light into this dark experience,” she said in a statement.

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