Hands up if you’ve run into a workwear rut, that nothing-in-your-closet struggle to strike a professional-while-actually-looking-cute balance. (Yup, that makes all of us.) Admittedly, adding a blazer to absolutely anything usually solves the issue, but in the spirit of stepping up our sartorial game (and not deferring to one-trick pony hacks), here, we offer five office-appropriate outfit ideas (including plus size dresses) to get you through the week in style.

Monday: The Elevated Sweater Vest

Monday: The Elevated Sweater VestGetty

So you’re bound to a blouse—don’t let a strict dress code hold you back from adding a bit of zing to your uniform. Consider topping it with a cool, crochet version of a sweater vest. The fit should be generous, so as to thwart any old-school secretary energy, and on the bottom, look for a pair of slinky slacks that pool ever so slightly at the ankle. A bold print like this macro check earns you bonus points, but is totally unnecessary to pull off this off-beat look.

Tuesday: The Leather Trouser

Tuesday: The Leather TrouserGetty

Before you raise your eyebrows at the idea of wearing leather pants to meet your boss, we’re not suggesting Sandy-style sexy—this straight-leg version, creased and dimpled in all the right spots, tells a different, more elegant story. Keep it to a muted, earthen tone like this dark olive green colour then pair it with a fitted turtleneck (any neutral will work here.) Last step: revel in the whole head-to-toe Scandi vibes you have going on. 

Wednesday: The Breezy Shirt Dress

Wednesday: The Breezy Shirt DressGetty

Forget the simple black sheath: we hereby deem this pleated shirt dress the new workwear go-to. The airy layers, an asymmetric hem, that office-familiar shade of blue—professional and still styled at the same time. It’s a way to bring some of that coveted summer energy to your look in the dead of winter. Impressively, this type of dress does wonders for all body types, so if you’re seeking plus size dresses in this style, be sure to look out for a waist-defining element to highlight your figure.

Thursday: The Grandpa-Inspired Get-up

Thursday: The Grandpa-Inspired Get-upGetty

Our current style inspiration: the geriatric set. No, seriously. There’s something very contemporary looking about a pair of belted chinos worn high on the waist with a cropped vintage-y sweater and some sensible footwear (okay, maybe a chunky oxford is a little more age appropriate.)

Friday: The Put-Together Boilersuit

Friday: The Put-Together BoilersuitGetty

When casual Friday rolls around, forgo the jeans-and-a-blouse routine for a denim boilersuit. Keeping a one-piece above board with HR means electing for a more relaxed fit—oh, and skip out on any acid wash or whiskering effects, too. Instead, opt for contrasting top-stitching, a tiny design design detail with a whole lot of sophisticated impact. Coupling the look with a pair of refined cowboy boots—a subtle snakeskin is ideal—looks like you actually put in effort on the most leisurely of days.