15 perfect holiday gifts for all the men in your life

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From tech to cologne to cocktail-making supplies – we’ve got something for everyone.

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    Best gifts for men: Luxury watch

    And the Girlfriend of the Year Award goes to…

    Everose Gold and Leather Watch ($30,750), at rolex.com.

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    Best gifts for men: Cologne

    The sexiest combo of leather and lavender.

    Gentleman Givenchy Eau de Toilette Spray ($107 for 100 mL), at thebay.com.

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    Best gifts for men: Cocktail-making supplies

    Man can never have too many cocktail supplies.

    Zinc and Brass Jigger ($29.95), at cb2.com.

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    Best gifts for men: Bathroom tool kit

    The perfect place to “accidentally” leave your toothbrush.

    Concrete and Wood Bathroom Set ($125), at insekdesign.etsy.com.

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    Best gifts for men: Sunglasses

    Aviators flatter all face shapes.

    Carrera sunglasses ($185), at eyestar.ca.

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    Best gifts for men: Wireless headphones

    Required for when he has CCR on repeat.

    V-Moda Crossfade II Wireless Headphones ($450), at amazon.ca.

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    Best gifts for men: Watch box

    For all of his Rollies.

    Leather Watch Box ($50), at winners.ca.

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    Best gifts for men: Flask

    A gentleman’s classic gets a rosy upgrade.

    Stainless-Steel Hip Flask ($88), at alessi.com.

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    Best gifts for men: iPhone X

    Step up your selfie game and bae's too thanks for faster sensors and a new colour filter. Also: can we say matching Animojis?

    iPhone X ($1,319), at apple.com/ca.
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    Best gifts for men: Jacket

    Can’t you just see this jacket thrown over your shoulders?

    Mixed-Knit Jacket ($3,450), at louisvuitton.com.

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    Best gifts for men: Key Chain

    Yes, he loves the customized key chain you made of your best couple selfie, but he doesn’t really want to carry it.

    Leather Bag Charm ($175), at coach.com.

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    Best gifts for men: Camera

    Say “cheese”!

    SX-70 Instant Film Camera, Polaroid Originals ($540), at holtrenfrew.com.

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    Best gifts for men: Wine

    Best when shared.

    Coppola Diamond Collection Claret 2015 ($29.95), at liquor stores across Canada.

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    Best gifts for men: Tumblers

    There's one for each of his best bros.

    Nachtmann Crystal Tumblers, ($24 each), at thebay.com.
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    Best gifts for men: Briefcase

    He’s not a businessman; he’s a business, man.

    Matt & Nat Vegan-Leather Briefcase, ($180), at indigo.ca.

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