Lower the thermostat and crank up the style with these hot cold-weather essentials pieces that pair perfectly with an evening at home. And if your additional adornment leaves you with a lower electric bill, indoor accessorizing may be the best New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made – and it doesn’t involve ditching carbs.


1. Flannel Joggers

For a hybrid of pyjamas and workout wear (something you didn’t even know you needed until now), look no further than the flannel jogger. Part PJs, part sweatpants, the tapered legs of these lounge pants lend a level of structure that means you won’t be embarrassed answering your front door while sporting a pair.


2. Fingerless Gloves

With so many smart patterned socks en vogue, it begs the question: Why should your feet get to have all the fun? A pair of fingerless, above-the-wrist gloves keep your hands warm and offer easy access to your phone or laptop while you’re at home, all while featuring your latest sparkling manicure.


3. Pom-pom Toques

The pom-pom toque is everywhere this season — for young and old alike — and the chicest of these playful hats are topped with a faux fur bobble. Bad hair days are no match for this cheeky accessory. If hipsters can wear beanies year-round, why can’t you don your indoors?


4. Blanket Scarves

There are days we would all rather stay in bed, tucked up under a sumptuous duvet. But when life’s duties call (and in the age of smartphones resting on our bedside table, they call more than ever) there is a perfect solution: the blanket scarf. It functions as a blanket or a shawl while relaxing, but can be worn simply as a scarf, too, when an outing calls for a coat as well.


5. Knit Headbands

Headbands add a touch of style to a simple outfit no matter the time of year, but when the weather turns cooler, a warmer version is absolutely necessary. Keep your ears warm and your hair back with a thick, knit headband for days when only a top knot will do.


6. Reading Socks

Technically any socks can be reading socks, but these cozy, lined socks will keep your feet comfy while you’re curled up with a good book. Unlike traditional slippers, the “reading sock” won’t restrict movement (great if you like to shift your feet up under yourself periodically) and can be washed easily. So, no need to worry about what you’re tracking on your couch fabric if you put your feet up.


7. Festive PJs

Summer may be all about cute camisoles and shorts, but soft and snuggly PJ sets reign supreme when the weather outside is frightful. Plaid pajamas are always a classic and seem to lend a little holiday magic to any night of the year.


8. Cozy Cardigans

Cardigans have made a serious comeback and what better way to keep warm without compromising your style? Long or short, pockets or none, bell-sleeves, shoulder cut-outs — the options are endless (not to mention the colours, patterns and fabric choices).


9. Terry Cloth Robes

Bring the luxury of a hotel room home with a thick, terry cloth robe and never feel chilly again, whether you’re getting out of bed or preparing to get into a bubble bath. Opt for one in white for that “lounging until checkout” appeal.


10. Earmuff Headphones

If you don’t live alone, headphones are a must for an undisturbed hour with your favourite guilty pleasure TV series. And at this time of year, earmuffs that double as headphones are a perfect combination of function and style. Bonus: they also keep your ears warm.


We all use more energy in the winter months, so this season, BC Hydro wants you to keep your lounge look on point while saving money to start the new year. Sign up for MyHydro Alerts to track your consumption and monitor your use patterns. In addition to helping you save, turning down the thermostat offers a good excuse to put on your cozies and snuggle up with your loved ones.