Shay Mitchell launches Amore & Vita, exclusive to eLUXE collection

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shay-mitchell-eluxe-amore-vitaPretty Little Liars star Canadian actress Shay Mitchell. Photos courtesy of eLUXE.

This week Shay Mitchell, one of
our favourite former Canadian cover girls and
Pretty Little Liars star, launched a capsule collection of logo-emblazoned tees and tanks,
Amore & Vita, exclusive to eLUXE, along with her BFF and business partner Michaela Blaney. The collection takes its name from the duo’s lifestyle blog,
Amore & Vita, and is available exclusively through eLUXE. We chatted with the L.A.-based BFFs/designers about their own meet-cute, how the collab came about, and the best ways to win at holiday party dressing this season (and take the best selfie doing so, because,
You have the blog and and now your collection, so I’m curious how you both met.
Shay: "We met in high school. We were on opposing teams – volleyball and basketball. We were against each other. She lived in North Vancouver; I lived in West Vancouver in B.C., Canada. And it was one of those things where I don’t know if we really got along so much in high school. We had friends that kind of melded together and then Michaela and me were the last to really join forces. After high school was really when our relationship started to grow. I came back from living in Toronto and I would visit and we would hang out and I think at that point we were both ready to be friends."

With the blog and launching a YouTube channel that recently launched – how did you decide to create a collection now?
Shay: "The collection was always something we wanted to do with the blog. We tossed these ideas around and then when eLUXE came up it was sort of like a perfect collaboration. So I think it’s different sayings that each of us would say, we each took different turns on having input in what the shirts should look like, the tank tops, the fabrics and colours we were going to use. And it really just sort of came along, it was really easy. We knew what we wanted, a little bit of gold in there. It was just such a fun project to work on."
How did you instill everything you both love about fashion and what you wear personally into the collection?
Michaela: "The shapes and styles we would both wear. Either she’ll girly them up or I’ll tomboy them down, but I think we added some glam and some cool fonts, we curated it by sitting there and making them ourselves and she’d go, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and I’d say, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and we’d literally make and remake them. It really is a passion project. Fonts were an important part of the process; Shay loves her fonts."
Shay: "They’re your basic tank tops. Every single day I say to myself, ‘I need another white tank top, I need another black tank top, I need something fun on this tank top so I can just put a blazer over it.’ It’s really simple, basic pieces that you can wear with everything."
So when you’re trying to step up your style over the holidays, what are your go-to party outfits?
Shay: "I’m trying to
switch it up a bit from the little black dress and what everyone says. I think that jumpsuits are actually really cozy and perfect for holiday parties. I’ve seen so many of them out there right now and from the different textures in the fabrics to even layering it with necklaces and cool accessories, there’s unlimited options now and so I really think that everyone should really try and get out of that little black dress and try a jumpsuit, or try a two piece with a matching skirt and top. I’m kind of about that right now, even prints on prints. I think with the holidays you can get away with pretty much anything. Add a little sparkle and you’re good."
Michaela: "Even pants and a jacket, with a simple shirt."
So you’re already and about to go out, how do you then capture your look with the perfect selfie?
Shay: To
take a cool selfie, I would highly suggest getting a selfie stick. This is my explanation on it: usually when you take a selfie, you can only really fit your head in the screen. You can’t get any of the background. But I’ve seen some selfies with amazing, wicked backgrounds in them, and you can only really do that if you have a super long arm or if you have something like a selfie stick. So that is something that makes it more interesting, especially at a party. You might look a little silly, lots of people make fun of me, but I don’t really care. If there’s a moment I want capture, I want to get the whole grasp of at the party, or wherever I am. I really am a huge fan of those."
Do you carry it around with you?
Shay: "It’s in my car."
Michaela: "We both have one of them."
Shay: "You never know. You never know where the road’s going to take you. What if I show up at the Grand Canyon one day and I’m like, ‘Oh, darn, don’t have my selfie stick.’"
Will you be heading back home for the holidays?
Shay: "Yeah, we’ll be in Vancouver!"
Amore & Vita exclusive for eLUXE collection retails for $35 (tanks) and $45 (tees), and is available exclusively at
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