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In the increasingly limelit world of fashion, designers can be forgiven for behaving like rock stars. Marc Jacobs kept the press waiting for eons during New York’s fall fashion week, ruffling more than a few glossy feathers. And Karl Lagerfeld caused a fan riot outside the new Chanel boutique in Tokyo last December. In the parallel universes of fashion and music, every runway is a mosh pit and every designer has a songster. Here’s the matchup.

1. Lagerfeld/Jagger
Karl Lagerfeld inspires the incomprehensible mob appeal of a late-’60s Mick Jagger. Lagerfeld’s chart-topping capsule collection for Swedish fashion retail chain Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) last year was greeted with flying elbows and manicured claws, selling out mere hours after it hit the shelves. And hundreds of Japanese women swooned when Lagerfeld showed up wearing a Highland kilt over black stovepipe jeans at the opening of the new Chanel store in Tokyo last December. But even with Lagerfeld’s new-found anorexia, nobody’s going to be mistaking The Ponytailed One for Old Fat Lips any time soon.

2. Phoebe Philo/Melissa Auf der Maur
Sometimes it’s the woman behind the woman who’s pulling the strings. Phoebe Philo and Melissa Auf der Maur were once-behind-the-scenesters who have made good on their own. After getting out from under the shadow of Courtney Love, the ex-Hole bassist played with Smashing Pumpkins and brought out a well-received solo album at the end of 2003. When Stella McCartney left Chloé, her assistant Philo took over and proved that she has as much Midas as McCartney.

3. Stella McCartney/Julian Casablancas
We could have gone for the obvious Beatle reference, but research proved
that The Strokes’ front man, Julian Casablancas, is Stella’s true musical alter ego. If you haven’t figured out why, work out this brainteaser: if fashion supernova Stella is the daughter of a music maverick, then, by rights, her double must be the musical offspring of fashion elite — in this case, Elite Modeling Agency, founded by Julian’s father, John Casablancas.

4. Rick Owens/Marilyn Manson
Rick Owens and Marilyn Manson are the dopest doppelgängers you will ever see. Here’s the data: both long-haired brunettes are from sunshine states (Owens from California; Manson from Florida) with versatile sexual pasts and superlative taste in women (Frenchwoman Michelle Lamy for Owens; Rose McGowan and Dita Von Teese for Manson). Of course, the Antichrist Superstar will always attract more controversy with a good metal tune than Owens’ high-priestess gowns will, but, well, Owens will always be buffer.

Photo courtesy of Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images5. DSquared2/Tegan and Sara
There aren’t a lot of twins making music and even fewer making clothes, which is what makes Calgary-born Tegan and Sara dead ringers for DSquared2. The DSquared2 duo, Dean and Dan Caten, have been turning out leather and denim country-and-western hits since they ran away from Toronto in the early ’90s, and could have won a Grammy for their rhinestone-studded chaps that Madonna wore for her 2001 Drowned World tour. The Quin twins rolled out a fourth album, So Jealous, in 2004, have toured with Chrissie Hynde and Ryan Adams, and have appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

6. Martin Margiela/Brian Wilson
Hermit-men Martin Margiela and Brian Wilson are the J. D. Salingers of the hyper-extroverted fashion and music worlds. Although Wilson, The Beach Boys’ mad, medicated genius, has finally come out of hiding after a 30-year nervous breakdown, Margiela, whose signature clothing line has a blank label, continues to faithfully diss the fashion crowd.

7. Gwen Stefani/Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani the singer and Gwen Stefani on the Singer may be the same person, but their musical and fashion personas read like multiple personality disorder. While the ska-punk blondeshell dresses like a Harajuku milkmaid onstage — all manga and midriff — Stefani’s line, L.A.M.B., is as geriatric as women’s apparel at Wal-Mart: think prim sailor pants, nautical-print blouses and tanks with Goth lettering. Are they really the same person?

Photo courtesy of DSquared