A beautiful mind

Dear friend and creative partner to
Yves Saint Laurent,
Loulou de la Falaise – the designer’s lovely and effervescent muse –  passed away at her
residence in Boury-en-Vexin, France over the weekend at 63-years-old after suffering through a long illness. Ms. Falaise was known for her irreverent views on fashion from her layers of bohemian baubles to her interplay of clashing colours. Oft imitated, but never repeated, she will be remembered as a pioneer of embracing one’s personal style. In honour of her rebellious and charming wit, we’ve listed some of our favourite quotes that will surely resonate with fashion lovers for years, if not centuries, to come.
One being a muse: "For me, a muse is someone who looks glamorous but is quite passive, whereas I was very hard-working. I worked from 9am to sometimes 9pm, or even 2am. I certainly wasn’t passive"
On her personal sense of style: "I like surprises, things that clash,  are unexpected, break unity, disrupt monotony."
On dressing: "I never think ahead about what I’m going to wear. I get out of my bath and then I dress. Sometimes, it’s a new pair of shoes and I work around that. But sometimes it simply depends on what’s at the cleaners and what’s around.
On working with Yves Saint Laurent: "I became his right hand. He never did anything without me, but I kept the atmosphere light. If he acted
neurotic, I’d say, ‘Don’t be so silly.’ I thought, ‘Nobody’s going to have fun in clothes if you don’t enjoy making them.’"