When filming the challenge presentation at the Canadian War Museum, a pair of scissors went missing. These were essential, because each designer needed a pair to attack the fabric that would ultimately create their design. Seconds before the challenge reveal, the extra scissors were found under a pile of fabric…and all 14 designers were off and running with scissors.

The Canadian War Museum’s "Camouflage Exhibit" will launch in the summer of 2009 and feature Adejoké’s winning design. The exhibit first appeared at the Imperial War Museum in London, England. It was the first major exhibition to explore the impact of camouflage on modern warfare and its adoption into popular culture.

The producers of the series spent six hours in the hospital with Jaclyn Murray the night of her panic attack. She was fully checked out by doctors and given approval to leave the hospital. We all wish her well!

The title sequence was shot after Jaclyn and Danio dropped out of the competition. They both had to come back to be part of the filming, and were great sports about it.


The designers were thrilled to meet special guest Elisha Cuthbert , who came to the PRC Headquarters with her parents. When Elisha wasn’t on set, she and her parents visited Parliament Hill and a few other Ottawa tourist sites. Elisha’s mom joked that the whole time, Elisha was practicing her "judging" faces for the big runway reveal!

Very early in the morning after the party with Elisha, Brian Bailey came to the mansion to wake the designers up and take them fabric shopping. The house was a mess, and some of the designers were feeling the effects of the previous night’s party. This made for a woozy time at Rockland Textiles!

The vocals in the Project Runway Canada theme song are performed by Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila, courtesy of Sony Music Canada.

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The designers often swam in Mansion’s swimming pool during their downtime. Unfortunately the ‘hot tub’ beside the pool was broken. Looking for a warm soak after a hard day in the workroom, Genevieve, Brandon and Sunny tossed on their suits and jumped in to the Jacuzzi in the master bedroom.
This was the first team challenge of the season, with Sunny and Baylor taking top honors in the competition. Sunny secretly called his design "Christmas Tree Couture" because of the shape of his winning creation.
Andy Thê Ahn, guest judge for episode 3, designed the purple dress Iman wore in last season’s title sequence.  She also appears in a silver version of the dress in some of the publicity photos.


Inspired by the challenge, it was Iman’s idea to come and visit the designers in the workroom.  Her personal modeling experience and insider knowledge of the houses of Versace, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent provided an invaluable educational experience for the designers.
Kim was always the last designer to be ready and out of the house in the morning. Baylor was usually the first.

Guest judge, Wayne Clark, let season one winner Evan Biddell work out of his design studio while he created his first fashion week collection after Project Runway Canada.


There were actually 2 "Divorce" cakes, complete with bride and fallen groom,

on location when we filmed the scene with the Divorcees. The backup cake was on hand, just in case the first one melted, was dropped…or mistakenly eaten. Both were vanilla cakes, and the designers and crew ate the leftovers later that day. The cake was designed and created by Joe Calabro at Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana in Ottawa.

There are on average 90 hours of footage is shot for each episode of Project

Runway Canada. During work time in the sewing room, Jessica broke out an imitation of a British Art Show called "Art Attack."  She pretended to be hosting an episode where Jeff made a dress out of cheddar cheese and macaroni.


During the filming of this episode a giant snapping turtle crawled up from

the Ottawa River beside the PRC headquarters and right up to the doorway of the workroom. No designers were snapped during the filming of the episode.

Over 200,000 Post Its were sent to the set for this episode’s challenge.


All of the designers felt extremely inspired and motivated by the Breast

Cancer survivors who served as their models for the challenge. They cheered them as they walked down the runway, to model the garments.

The mansion’s built in espresso machine was a hot spot in the morning, all

of the designers would huddle around to make cups of coffee before they

started each day. The biggest coffee drinkers were Jeff, Brandon and


Coco Rocha traveled from her hometown of Vancouver with a friend, her mother and her dog "Peek-a-boo." The day after filming, she headed south for the start of New York Fashion Week.


During a day off of filming, Iman and her daughter Alexandria went bowling!


The designers would often have slumber parties at the Mansion – pulling all

of the mattresses in front of the fireplace in one of the living rooms.

Adejoké and Jessica would do their hair and make up in the bathroom together every morning. The room eventually became a hot spot for conversation amongst the girls.