Postcard from…Greta Constantine, No. 3

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The Greta Constantine team shares their third dispatch from Paris, where they’re showing their fall/winter 2012 collection to editors, stylists and buyers. Last time we checked in, they were touring the City of Light with the Fashion Television

ELLE Canada, You know that guilty feeling when you sleep in while on vacation in a beautiful, foreign place? If we weren’t so exhausted, we may just have felt that way today. After waking up at 10:30 a.m. to the aroma of
café allongé and
pain au chocolat (not to mention,
des baguettes), we began mapping our journey for yet another day of sightseeing. After sending off a few emails, we got dressed and headed for lunch. That was, of course, until we received a surprise telephone call from a retailer asking us to see the collection. Despite the rumbling of our stomachs, we obliged. In the world of showroom appointments, there’s no such thing as bad timing. Energized from a successful appointment, we jetted off to lunch and shortly afterwards, scurried to rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré  for a brief shopping trip. We got to the strip at 6:20 and it was a race against time as we bulleted between stores.  The primary goal? Visit Colette, Paris’s fashion mecca, and purchase a few items that had caught our eye the day before. This wasn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.
In fact, after darting out of Colette with magazines and coffeetable books (we don’t know how anyone can leave empty-handed), we set off in search of a Givenchy contrast leather knapsack and Comme des Garçons pointed penny loafers—two items we couldn’t leave Paris without. We bolted down the street with only seconds (though, in reality it was probably minutes) before the boutiques closed and nabbed what we were looking for just in time. A little sweaty from the exercise of our shopping trip, we returned to the Opera District for a quick shower before heading to dinner with one of our great supporters, Barbara Atkin, Holt Renfrew’s vice-president of fashion direction. Whether it’s coffee, dinner or a formal meeting, Barb always has so much insight to offer. And, given that she sees the very best men’s and women’s fashion shows across Europe and North America, she’s a tastemaker you want (and ought to) bounce ideas off of.

For dinner, we went to Le Matignon, a chic French resto-lounge with delicious food and a distinctive energy.  But beyond anything else, it was the music that truly struck a chord.  It just felt so relevant: a perfect mix of singles from decades past and indie songs from bands destined to perform at next year’s Coachella.
Inspiration for our show this Friday? We think so.
À bientôt, The Gretas
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