Most memorable fashion show? 2 seasons ago, I was completely thrilled when my daughter (Lulu) and granddaughter Layla walked down the runway with me…those are the accomplishments that truly hit home…seeing the next generations of who you are on the runway with you.

Heels or Flats? Heels! Actually, platforms! I feel way more comfortable in those than anything.

Favourite mass-market retailer? I don’t like shopping through particular stores but rather prefer checking out specific designer boutiques. I find Dolce and Gabanna so inspiring!

Something you wouldn’t be caught dead in? No makeup! Oh, and sneakers! Ugh! And anything tailored, work-like .. just not me.

What is an everyday inspiration? Family, my Layla! And knowing there is family to come home to.

Who taught you how to do your famous cartwheels that has become a staple for your runway shows? I have always been a very passionate dancer; acrobatics and aerial dancing have been a part of my life since I was a young girl in Connecticut. It just comes out of me when I am excited and inspired!

Best trend for fall? Spandex, punk and having fun with your outfit!

Why the venture into fragrance? What is the scent inspired by the most? I just love when a girl walks by and her scent stops you in your track…you want it! It is that feeling of addiction that inspired this product…It makes you feel sexy, strong and desirable.

Note: The fragrance is a fruity floral combination of pralines, amber and musk. For more on it — and the launch — please click here!

When you think of Canada, what comes to mind? Maple leaf, rockies, pioneers and outdoor adventures!

Your motto? What you give is what you get! You need to be a good person in life, I believe in karma!