One thing everyone at work knows about me is that I’m a travel junkie, in fact I carry my passport with me at all times because, well,  you never know when a last-minute opportunity may pop up.

My jet-set fixation is responsible for many things (including a membership on Mr. & Mrs. Smith Hotels, a nearly maxed-out credit card after booking a holiday vacation and an intimate familiarity with many airports in Europe)  but most recently it has caused a insomnia-inducing obsession with the new Grand Tourista Bag by Jason Wu for St. Regis Hotels & Resorts. This luxe bag marks Wu’s first foray into the world of product created exclusively for travel and his first accessory designed for the St. Regis brand. And frankly, I believe it to be the only thing that can see you through airport security with your dignity intact.
Grand Tourista Bag by Jason Wu for St. Regis Hotels & Resorts ($1,995),  available at and *Disclaimer: This bag is not available until mid December, 2012. This makes it ideally suited to holiday wish lists. consider it at the top of mine.