#NYFW Spring 2015: 5 things they don’t tell you about fashion week

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spring-2015-fashion-week-jason-wu-karlie-klossOK I learned six things today: Karlie Kloss is the boss. Seen here in a look from Jason Wu’s Spring 2015 runway presentation on Friday. Photo courtesy of ImaxTree.com.

I’ve learned a few things during my 24 years on this earth, mainly that if you act like you know what direction you’re going people will just assume that you do (and likely follow), and that Nutella makes everything better. But here in
New York during Spring 2015 fashion week,–the most exhilarating and happiest time of the year if you don’t include the fall runway season or Christmas–you learn a thing or two about the fashion industry, the people among it, and life overall. Today, I learned five. Let me share my newfound wisdom with you.
1. Amazing, creative and brilliant people will almost always assume a quieter, less imposing demeanor than what befits their greatness. This is true of
Canadian newcomer designer Chris Gelinas, who presented a stellar third runway collection under his CG label at The Standard High Line Hotel on Friday (he toiled away all summer producing technical fabrics used in pieces that redefine the modern woman’s uniform while everyone else was playing on Instagram). This is also true of Jason Wu, who barely makes it to the halfway point on the runway post-show before mustering a nod, a wave and happily retreating backstage. (One of these genuinely gifted and humble men even hugged me today. I’ll give you a hint: IT WAS CHRIS.)

2. If you sit in the front row at fashion week, you will be photographed. This is more of a cautionary tale to never sit front row. Think about it: there you are, air-kissing your international friends, not wondering whether the show will start on time when–
BAM!–you’re swarmed but a legion of photogs who want you to do things in front of the camera to showcase a) yourself, and b) your outfit. Consider yourself warned.
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3. Peanut M&Ms are the foodstuff-saviour of fashion week. When you’re racing across town between shows with no time to stop at Whole Foods in between, you must pack accordingly. Peanut M&Ms are the perfect snack because the sugar will prevent you from passing out from hunger, while the peanuts inside resemble enough of a protein source* to sustain you until your next green juice.
*This has not been medically approved.
4. You will turn on everyone around you when you’re all in need of separate cabs. You will quickly learn the sensation that is cab aggression and cab envy held simultaneously against the seatmate with whom you had a pleasant conversation during the show. This is war.
5. You will feel for every girl painfully hobbling around the city in heels. You are that girl.
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