NYFW Fall 2013: A day in the life of our editor-in-chief, part 2

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Check out NYFW Fall 2013: A day in the life of our editor-in-chief, part 1. Photo by ImaxTree.com.

10 a.m. I nixed another subterranean subway adventure and took a cab because the Belstaff show was on the opposite side of town. My cabbie and I got to chatting, and he told me that he was retiring that very day after 40 years of driving a cab in NYC and that he was moving back to Italy to be with his wife and daughter. All those cop movies—where the veteran dies on his last day on the job—came to mind. “Please drive carefully,” I suggested. (After taking 
WAY too many cabs this week, I’ve become all too familiar with the ads they play. Tommy Hilfiger, Juicy Couture were in regular rotation as was this rather fetching one from Calvin Klein.)

This Calvin Kelin ad was on regular rotation in most of the cabs I took this week.

11 a.m. Before the Belstaff show began, I chatted with my seatmate: Megs Mahoney Dusil, founder of 
PurseBlog. Together we lamented the fact that our feet were wet and our hair was beyond “natural” (Sorry, Guido). We confessed that we were more than a little envious of the front-row set with their perfectly dry and stylish feet. Damn them and their drivers! (Belstaff’s signature black waxed-cotton jackets, skirts and trousers also induced rainy-weather-clothing envy.)
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Belstaff puts the chic in rain gear for fall/winter 2013. Photo by ImaxTree.com.

12 p.m. I followed a gaggle of models en route to Donna Karan, where I was going to chat with makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury from M.A.C about her look. She told me she was creating the quintessential Donna Karan smoky eye. “But we’re giving it a modern twist with a creamy-grey eyeshadow that has a little sparkle,” she added. “It’s a wet look—a modern Peter Lindbergh kind of feeling is what I’m after."
MAC Beauty Illustration

Smoky eye at Donna Karan, Fall 2013.

1 p.m. I had one hour of free time, so I went to a nearby café for a “proper lunch.” Thankfully there was no WiFi, so I couldn’t check my email.

2 p.m. Sixty minutes later, I was back at Donna Karan. I ended up standing in line beside Suzy Menkes, who had just arrived the night before after being stranded on the other side of the pond because of the snowstorm. I’d just read her piece entitled “The Circus of Fashion” in The New York Times, and I told her that I’d enjoyed it, adding that I was more of a crow than a peacock. (Read her piece to get that reference.) I saw Suzy’s article c/o Susie Bubble, who had tweeted: “Have no idea if I’m being dissed or praised in this @frontrowsuzy @nytimes fashion article. Partially agree w/her tho.”)

We entered the show space, which was lit up with flash blubs as the photogs converged around front-rowers Uma Thurman, Gretchen Mol and Bernadette Peters. I was in the fourth row, so all I really saw was the models’ hair. I tweeted: “Best runway ponytail ‘swing’ goes to ‪@donnakaran.” I realized later that that was the wrong Twitter handle. This one belongs to someone with 0 tweets, 0 following and 70 followers. Can’t be the same Donna.

Best "pony tail" swing goes to Donna Karan. Photo by ImaxTree.com.

This was the somewhat creepy "pony tail inspiration" mannequin backstage at Donna Karan.

2:45 p.m. I made my way to 3.1 Phillip Lim with Miranda Purves, EIC of 
Flare. We discussed Uma’s reported facelift as well as the potential disconnect between the collection’s silhouette versus the age/silhouette of the typical DK woman. We both stopped to photograph a woman (see below) who was wearing a “protest dress” designed by a Cuban designer. The image is of a young Alberto Fujimori, who was a notorious Peruvian president.

The human protest dress.

3:15 p.m. Bill Cunningham sat down in front of me and started to read, so I assumed there was no one interesting in this section to capture my attention. Instead, I scanned the show notes for 3.1 Phillip Lim and discovered my Zen mantra for the day: 
“As the way it is/as it is/as the way you are/as you are.”

There’s no one worth photographing if Bill Cunningham takes time out to read.

Stay tuned for part 3!


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